the gipsy life and spirit

I’ve been on the road for about 2 weeks now. In a way it’s the most simple way of life I know. Time becomes irrelevante aswell as everything else exept climbing. We are now around the city of Lleida, climbing in Margalef for the moment. We also took a few days in Santa Linya, a place I haven’t visited in a while. We ended up there as a friend of mine, Joe Kinder, celebrated his 31st birthday in Balaguer not far away from there. The local Catalan posse was there aswell as a visiting north american crew.
We also did the classic pilgrimage to Barcelona for the flamenco club at Jazzsi (Raval). And most importantly, the weather has cooled down so it’s actually perfect conditions right now! Climbed a bunch of great routes allready but they never end… so we will keep going in this timeless pace until it gets too hot and it’s time to move north again. But that’s defenetly too early to start worrying about!

the portable shower -thank's Addnature, it's doig the job!

parts of the Catalunyan climbing posse

the obligatory place to go