Posted On: maj 27, 2009

the on-the-road-office in Catalunya, Spain.

Hi and thank’s for stopping by! My name is Said Belhaj and I’m a professional rock climber. On my free time I’m a lot into music and photography. You can find out more about these elements on this page.

Sponsoring & booking

I’ve worked since 1994 with sponsors and since 2001 full time. The deals are different but they all help me live climbing to the fullest. If you are a company and interested to know more, I have a specific CV/resumé with all the info needed. Appart from this I also do different kinds of presentations/slideshows.

In music I do everything from solo concerts, play with different bands, play percussion with dj’s, dj’ing and the ”Musik Magi” (with Christer Bothén) show for kindergartens and schools.

I also want to thank my current sponsors for all their help, without you this would not be possible!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or contact me regarding my CV’s for climbing and/or music.

Phone: +46 (0) 702 44 03 94