! After the result of my latest blog about grades I will try to keep a low profile when it comes to statements. I don’t think that anything (or at least really few subjects) on this blog is really serious enough to use in debates, news etc. So, I don’t know what to call this upcoming post, a statement? Anyway, I’ve climb all over the world at most of the mayor crags but also went bouldering at many high end areas: Peak District (ENG), Fontainebleau (FRA), Magic Woods (SUI), Zillertal (AUS) Val Di Mello (ITA), Annot (FRA), Ailefroid (FRA), Targasonne (FRA), Albarracin (ESP), Squamish (CAN), Camp 4 (USA), Bishop (USA), Joshua Tree (USA), Hueco Tanks (USA), Mount Evans (USA), Rocky Mountain National Parc (USA), Chattanooga/Rock Town/Little Rock City (USA), Grampians (AUST), Mitake (JPN) etc (and even went to some far out places like Mongolia, Mali and Finland…), but I must say; nothing beats the Rocklands here in South Africa! It is, of course, a matter of taste like everything else but there is really something for everybody. I can try to describe why this place simply has it all but it is as always best of to go and see for yourself.
I just hope that there are some hidden treasures closer to home than this…

So, after the 24 hour flight from Sweden to Cape Town, I was pretty dizzy. I then had to convert to driving left lane up to the village of Clanwilliam and the Rocklands. I met up with old and new friends and it’s been a marathon of climbing some of the most fun rockformations ever since.

parts of team Oz, the kings of partying and climbing at night

There is a party every night but as I’m more of a dancer than a drinker, I still wait for a dancing night to come up to make it worth while. The climbing developed is already too much and the potential seems endless. This is even a great place for a ”route climber” to forget about routes for a while.

Joey on ”Caroline”.

Colette on ”Black Spider”.

me, jumping for joy in a cave somewhere -yes!