I wouldn’t say I live a hectic life. But sometimes I really need to relax, and there is only one place on earth where I can do that 100%, and that’s my grandparents place in Kauhava, Finland. The main reason why it is so relaxing is because there is nothing to do here really… exept the simple things as being with the family and enjoying life. I’ve been coming here all my life, so it’s really like coming home, and I usually do this trip about twice a year. The everyday routine consists of workout (usually running) when I wake up, just eating and hanging out, sauna, playing some tunes with my grandfather Eero and reading books. Working on my computer is a new thing that I have mixed feelings about… And as nostalgic as I am, this is the place to loose myself in the deep forests and open fields (what we here call ”lakeus”), letting deep emotions almost drown me…
And as it’s Christmas times, there are also all the traditional preparations to deal with.

when I take a break from climbing, running usually becomes my substitute so I don’t go totally insane..!

chopping wood for the wood heated sauna -no ”electro sauna” beats this one!

the traditional christmas breakfast with rice porrige, dried fruit soup and for some: ham with mustard.

playing some tunes from our traditional repertoire, tango and waltz mainly from Finland but also Russia.

getting sentimental playing the good old 8 bit Nintendo game ”Castlevania” with my cousin -it must have been almost 20 year’s since last, but I still remembered all the tricks!

the remaining landmarks from a quickly disappearing age of time…