After not even 24 hours at home I found myself back on the road. This time we were heading to the islands of Ahvenanmaa (Åland) between Sweden and Finland. I was there 6 years ago, but only for a short visit for my friends Erik and Sofia’s wedding. I climbed for a few hours on that trip but now it was time to return without any stress. There is mainly bouldering but also some routes. Erik and Sofia with family have a house on one of the islands and are regular visitors. Now we had the chance to hook up, climb and stay in their nice little house equipped with a sauna (Ahvenanmaa belongs to Finland after all).

family climbing

Amanda at the Djupviksgrottorna sector.

in the crux of Supermartikainen SS.

trying the ultimate testpiece ”Normipäivä”.

Erik ”Robocopleg” Massih going for a late burn just before heading home for the sauna.