My time in asia is coming to an end, for this time. I wished (and tried!) to stay longer but it looks like I’ll have to go. I hope to return in a near future.
I did my project so I guess my mission got fulfilled: on my last day I dried the thing rapelling from the top. It had rained quite a lot so I was surprised it even worked..! The conditions were perfect for 1,5 hour, it was my last chanse. The topout was a REAL thriller. I somehow managed to get to the top.

maybe my hardest boulder to date

But the most memorable part of this trip is all the incredible people. I want to dedicate this post to them.

at Othakas house


with Harumi & Mikio


with Louis & Yuji

Yuki & Akira

playing at Hamura special support school

with Hideki, Sanae & Kaya

with almost everybody at the Caramba climbing gym after my slideshow presentation. thank’s to you all, see you next time -sayonara!