an adveturous ”restday”

We had to wait a fewdays before getting out of Rodellar. Fortunately the weather report was wrong and we could climb as never before. Finally we got help from a friend who brought us some gaz and we could hit the road again. After climbing for 4 days straight we thought it might be time for some rest. Rest in this case meant to climb the mega classic ”Fiesta de los bieceps” in Riglos. It’s an incerdible route, about 10 pitches, on overhanging conglomerate. The morning of the climb we woke up on a supermarket parkinglot in the city of Huesca, rain pounding heavily on the roof of the car. The weather report said more rain but we hoped it was wrong -it turned out to be even worse!

racking up in Riglos.

Anyway, how bad could it be as the route is all bolted? We set of and it ended up being an epic but incredible day of climbing as we experienced everything from sun to a hail and thunderstorm, rain etc..! This routes is one of the most unique ever and I recommend anybody with the level to do it -amazing!

Mad Max seconding in good style+on to of the route in the sun just before hell broke loose again.

After we took some final days in Margalef where the forecast looked the most promising for north east Spain. Now I’m of for a week in Sweden for some sponsorwork+an interview for a BIG project. Stay tuned…