a short and rainy story…

Posted On: oktober 19, 2012
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Well, there is not so much to say really. Since I got back from China I’ve experienced the worst autumn ever. Usually this can be the best time to get cold and crisp conditions on the nordic granit. But I’ve never seen this much rain -ever. I was in Stockholm -and it rained. I did a trip to Gothenburg -and it rained even more. I went to Finland -and it rained more than in 160 years!
Back in Stockholm it started to rain again and I’m living permanently in my rainclothes. I’ve tried to stay focused and train for my upcoming projects and trips but it’s hard. I mean, for me climbing is an outdoor activity, thats why its impossible to do it properly indoors! A few days on rock here and there+a tiny bit of music has kept me from drowning completely… Fortunately this will change soon -I hope!