the yearly Moroccan pilgrimage

Eid Miloud is the birthday of the prophet Muhammed (peace be upon His soul) and 7 days after starts the ”moussem”. This is a celebration all over Morocco. For gnawa musicians this happens mainly in 3 different places: sidi Ali (Meknes), moulay Brahim and Tamslohte (moulay Abdella Ben H’sain, both near Marrakech). Musicians gather for rituals (lilas) and this is a really important time for gnawa from all over the country to meet. And because of this, I’ve been coming to Morocco at this certain time for many years. There is much to be said about these gatherings, but they are best to be experienced as they are a taste of a different world -especially if you come directly from a snowcovered Stockholm!
Of course I also go to visit my big family in Rabat, try to get some climbing done but mainly just enyoy the coutry where I feel the best.

with the great m’allem Abdellatif Elmakhzoumi, with whom I spent this years moussem, in his home in Marrakech.

recording and shooting m’allem Abdellrzaq El Moustaqim by the sanctuary of sidi Mimoun & sidi Moussa in Salé/Rabat.

I don’t know why I have not been looking for this before: there is a pretty big potential for both bouldering and maybe also some routes within walking distance from our house in Rabat, just by the ocean. It might not be world class but it’s perfect rock, climbing with the sound of waves in the background.

training in the ”Studio”, in our house in Rabat.

the last dinner always comes sooner or later. and big parts of the Belhaj family usually gathers for this. and it’s allways as hard to leave this place…