After a long time on the road its always a pleasure to be back in my native Scandinavia (Sweden and Finland). Its easily the best time to be here and as last summer was such a hell this could’ve only be better -and it was.
Most time was spent around Göteborg and Bohuslän, the weather was pretty cool at first (good for climbing) but got better (warmer) later. It was so cold that it was even conditions for hard bouldering.



Bouldering and climbing around Göteborg. Above photo: The Norwegian climbinglegend Robert Caspersen climbing in Granitgrottan, Bohuslän. Lower photo: Roger Borgelid/


It was also a good time for music with concerts, gigs and weddings.


BKO Quintet performing at the Clandestino Festival in Bottna/Bohuslän.


Wedding gig with Jan, Amanda and Martina in Göteborg playing old time swing.


Concert/performance with m’allem Christer, Ismail and Mariann at Konstnärshuset, Stockholm.


After some time on the Swedish westcoast it was time to do the annual summer visit to my grandparents in Kauhava, Finland. Apart from sauna and music this place has some pretty good bouldering. The nearest good stuff is to be found around Vaasa.


photos: Hendrick Morkel/


Some other quality boulering is to be found near Jyväskylä where some of my good friends live.



But no climbing is complete without a sauna. Here getting help from my grandfather Eero to make a ”vihta” -the sauna whip.


Back in Sweden the summer had taken of. Apart from living the summer life in Göteborg with good swimming, parties, bbqs and clubbing we also visited Stockholm, Österbymo and Värmland for climbing etc.


Climbing outside Stockholm on Tyresö and the Lård Hård wall. Below trying Stockholms new testpiece ”Scottlinjen”. Have to come back when temps cool down a bit. photo: Fredrik Persson



Climbing at some of Swedens hidden pearls: Österbymo in Östergötland and Hemtjärn in Värmland.


Sweden is a great place to travel and I sometimes feel like a tourist in my own coutry. I often get very surprised with how beautiful and unique it can be. And sometimes you just get lucky and get a date with one of your old idols, like here playing with Anders Norudde from one of my all time favourite bands Hedningarna.


The summer is slowly coming to an end giving place for the mystical autumn -another great and beautful season in Sweden.