spring time =work in progress

Spring is here! After a few months of training in the dark depths of the different gyms in Gothenburg it was finally time to get out on real rock. This is actually the main season for many of the harder routes and boulders on the westcoast granit because you are so depending on good friction to even be able to move on some of the holds. I tried an old project at Hylteberget. It feels more like a boulder but too crazy (at least for me) to do s a boulder.

We also had the release events for a movie we made last summer on the swedish westcoast called ”Bestcoast Riot”. 2 events, one in Stockholm at the fabulous hotel Rival and one in Gotheburg at the Klätterlabbet gym. Nina Caprez came up from Switzeland and made a presentation and I also played with my band TREQ -gnawa. 2 really nice events that hopefully inspired the people who came. The movie will soon be available for free on www.petzl.com.