So, my new site is finally up and running. As you can see it’s mainly a blog but I will try to update it a bit more often than the old one ( but they will both keep on living, hopefully.

The beginning of the year is not so exiting as maybe the rest as my time is mainly passed in a winterlike Gothenburg. It’s not the most inspiring enviroment to be in as everybody starts to miss warmth and more light. I really need to have a focus and clear goal for these kinds of times and that’s also why I’m at home right now -to train! But also to have time for my different music projects etc. This week I will take a short trip to Morocco to see my family but also to take part of this year’s ”moussem”, when all gnawa master gather around a few sanctuaries. I will visit the ones in moulay Brahim and Tamesloht. At night there are gnawa rituals, lilas, that continue until morning. This is a great opportunity to take part of a world that is slowly dissapearing… and to enjoy GREAT music played by the best! I also hope to be able to record/film one of the great masters, m’allem Abdellatif Sidi Amara, for my little documentary project ”Mästarmöte” (master meeting). To make my chanses bigger I suppose I need to bring a tent as a present for him, someting he asked for last time.